Custom Front-End

Build your own branded banking app, block by block

AAZZUR’s smart banking platform enables you to offer everything your customer needs to manage their financial life on their smartphone or online – with your branding and your own special touch.

Deliver better and smarter banking using AAZZUR’s ready-to-go Smart Finance Blocks


Start a banking app in weeks

Launch your own fully customised, secure and GDPR compliant banking app for Android, iOS and web within weeks, not months.


Create multiple accounts and wallets

Add and aggregate accounts from different providers and create digital wallets, with instant balance and transaction information.


Offer multi-currency and FX services

Provide access to cost-effective and low-fee international money transfer and currency exchange services.


Add personal finance tools

Help your customers manage their finances better by enabling them to split the bill/request money, save receipts and set saving goals.


Expand your financial services offering

Add third-party banking, insurance, sustainability, credit scoring and insurancetravel services, among others, to your own offering.


Personalise your bank by analysing customers

Enrich the value of your offering, improve the customer perception...

Multiple Accounts

Carbon Offsetting

Personalised Budgeting Tools

Insurance Recommendations

AAZZUR’s Smart Finance Blocks help you build a banking app that makes your customers’ financial lives better.

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