Launch a Neo or Challenger Bank within just 6 to 10 weeks

AAZZUR’s Smart Finance Blocks are the ideal way to build a banking app from scratch in just a matter of weeks thanks to our modular approach.

Building a sustainable banking app – 
‘feel good, do good’

AAZZUR was approached by a large European bank to help them break into the German market by building its own digital challenger bank. 

We helped it develop and build a banking app that focused on responsible financial management and sustainability – including options to make regular donations to good causes.

Finance Blocks

Multiple Accounts

Carbon Offsetting

Personalised Budgeting Tools

Insurance Recommendations

How AAZZUR can help you build a banking app in record time?


Call AAZZUR to let us know what you want


We prepare a proposal, detailing the solution


AAZZUR holds functional/technical workshops, as required


Reach agreement on an MVP solution, build and launch


Quickly build solution, using a modular approach


Test/soft launch phase


Launch and operate MVP


Operate and grow your solution

Find out how you can build better banking with AAZZUR’s Smart Finance Blocks.

AAZZUR’s Smart Finance Blocks help you build a banking app that makes your customers’ financial lives better.

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