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For enterprises, financial-services companies and startup-ventures, our API platform and smart front-end solutions will enable you to provide your customers greater financial freedom, a smoother experience and drive engagement.

AAZZUR gets the job done. It is the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective way to embed financial services.

Empowering you to offer financial solutions

Our one-stop-shop has the best available vendors so you can build and embed your own financial services solutions.


A targeted platform for your business

Transform your business with our targeted platform. Choose from a range of features that suit your needs, handpick trusted partners, and customize your product.

Startup / Venture

Choose our ready-to-use Smart-Finance-Blocks or use our APIs to quickly launch your MVP. This allows you to save time and money compared to building from the ground up or hiring an IT consultant.

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Enhance engagement, reduce churn, and boost revenue by integrating loan options, streamlining processes, and upgrading customer cards with payment capabilities using our financial services expertise.

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Financial Service Provider

Generate new revenue by providing your financial services products through APIs. Connect with your customers using embeddable front-end components. Choose between SaaS or licensing. Become a key player in the embedded finance market!

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And we configure your app with your unique branding!

Our Smart-Finance-Blocks can effortlessly be configured to fit your branding needs and reflext your UX thanks to our white-labeled solution

Meet our Smart Finance Blocks

Each of the modular Smart Finance Blocks (SFBs) is a pre-configured set of front-end screens, micro-services and connections to API-providers that consolidate e.g. customers’ accounts, investments and insurances all in one place.

Retail and SME Banking

Wealth and Investments

Cards, Loyalty, Rewards

Become an AAZZUR ecosystem partner

Do you offer a relevant financial- or value-added-service in the retail- or SME-banking-space that isn't covered by our ecosystem and Smart-Finance-Blocks (SFBs) yet? Simply reach out.

Be part of the leading ecosystem for embedded finance

Every customer is specific! Become an implementation partner and leverage your industry expertise with our technical infrastructure.

How to engage?


AAZZUR configures and white-labels its continuously growing set of Smart-Finance-Blocks and partner network for fastest go-to-market.

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Use one of our professional implementation partners to deploy your custom solution by still leveraging the benefits of the AAZZUR ecosystem.

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Equip your inhouse tech team with the APIs of our developer portal and extensive suite of integrated financial services and maintain full control.

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Launching or embedding financial services couldn’t get easier

Build your own Financial Service Proposition

AAZZUR has the expertise to guide you to launch your own branded fintech solution. Our technical and design workshops help you create solutions that meet your specific requirements, all in record time.

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Embed value-added Fintech Solutions

Integrate our Smart Finance Blocks into your existing product offerings to provide your customers with a range of financial services, including insurance and lending, exactly when they need them.

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Empower Fintech

Connect to our platform featuring AAZZUR's cutting-edge library of APIs. Our platform enables effective fintech orchestration, so clients can easily manage the features they want, exactly how they want them.

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Why work with AAZZUR?

At AAZZUR, we are able to deliver high-quality financial solutions faster, flexibly and fully compliant with industry standards.

We are customer-focused and dedicated to building long-term partnerships.

By working together, we can create innovative solutions that drive success for your business.

It's super fast

We are 4x faster to launch with up to 10x lower initial costs as we have integrated the most relevant partners and pre-configured Smart-Finance-Blocks availble.

Get full flexibility

You can use our APIs and build it yourself, use our front-end components or rely on one of our selected integration partners if you are looking for a custom solutions.

We take care

Focus on innovation, sales and marketing and delegate compliance, tech improvements and future legacies to our SaaS-platform and connected ecosystem.

Trusted by

Germain Bahri

Head of Strategic Partnerships at Solaris

“We are combining AAZZUR’s best in class frontend technology with the Solaris BaaS platform – enabling anyone to embed financial products instantly and at the point of need, in a beautiful and simple interface.”

Walter Gontarek

CEO of Channel Capital

“We’re delighted to be partnering with AAZZUR to provide vital funding to SMEs. Our combined expertise and shared desire to break down existing barriers to business means we’re well placed to make a real difference to small business, while providing compelling investment opportunities for our clients.”

Michael Stemmle

CEO at Additiv

"As an established embedded finance orchestrator, partnering with
AAZZUR is the obvious choice. Through this collaboration, our platform is enabling a new digital bank to offer compliant end-to-end wealth management services in the most efficient way."

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