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Whether you’re a start-up, a corporate or a bank, our API platform and smart front-end solutions will enable you to give your customers greater financial freedom.


Finance Blocks

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Launch a customised bank in just weeks with AAZZUR.

 AAZZUR enables you to create a fully-customised and branded mobile banking app within just 6 to 10 weeks using our Smart Finance Blocks.

Whether you want to expand your offering or build a banking app from scratch, we can help give you a competitive edge over your rivals.


“It is great that we are forging even closer ties to AAZZUR. They intuitively understand what we are achieving within the embedded finance experience category.”

Louisa Murray, COO at Railsr (UK & EU)

“It’s a pleasure working with AAZZUR. Their team has an ideal mix of tech knowledge, entrepreneurial skill and management capacity. The app we worked up with them was done well and inline with our discussion.”

Felix Bauer, Co-founder/CEO at Bismarck.Select

"I had a pleasure of working with AAZZUR on common project, while I was at Alior Bank, Poland. While the project was complex, I was amazed with their ability to focus on task at hand. It’s never easy when large cooperation trying to work with agile startup, yet we managed to play to our strenghths and combine to produce efficient project team together. Would highly recommend working with AAZZUR as they are a great bunch of people to work with."

Mariusz Ożga, UX Lab Alior Bank

“You clearly care more than the other companies we contacted, especially about our whole concept, and we are incredibly happy right now.”

Mowgli Frere, co-founder at B4X

“I wish you guys were around when we launched Penta, would have saved us a lot of money and time to market.”

Lav Odorovic, Co-Founder/CEO at Relio

“The founders of AAZZUR - Philipp and Martin make a brilliant team. Their vision is incredible, and they have a niche in the market that they operate in and do it very well. Martin and Philipp are very focused, and the response time to get something set up and demonstrated was brilliant.”

Marvyn Smith, Founder/CEO at ATMEN

"AAZZUR - great company, great people."

Christophe Tardivat, co-founder at B4X

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Find out how you can build better banking with AAZZUR’s Smart Finance Blocks.

AAZZUR’s Smart Finance Blocks help you build a banking app that makes your customers’ financial lives better.

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