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Can I use AAZZUR app on my smartphone?

We are currently only available on Android. The minimum version requirement is Android 4.1. You can find your Android version by going to Settings/About on your phone.

Why didn’t I receive my pairing code via SMS?

AA pairing code is required to connect your smartphone to your AAZZUR account. If you didn’t receive this code via SMS for whatever reason (for example, if your country code is from outside of the EU), our customer support team can provide you with one.

How do I open my AAZZUR account?

You can open an AAZZUR account if you are at least 18 years old, a resident of a supported country and own a compatible smartphone. You’ll also need an official ID such as a passport, national identity card or a UK driving licence to prove your identity.

Our alpha testing round is fully booked.


I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

If you have locked yourself out of the app by entering a wrong password multiple times, or you have simply forgotten it, tap on Forgot? option on the login page and follow the simple instructions to reset your password.

I need to edit my personal details

You cannot edit your name or any other personal details. Please contact our support team should you wish to change any of this information.

My phone has been lost or stolen.

You will still be able to make card payments and Add Funds to your account via bank transfer.

We recommend that you download the AAZZUR app on your new smartphone and contact our support team. We will then help you log in to your account on your new device.

Please do NOT create a duplicate account.

I want to close my AAZZUR account.

We don’t advise closing your AAZZUR account as it can take a bit of time to set up a new one with the same mobile number. AAZZUR doesn’t charge you to keep an account that is not in use open.

If you do want to close your account, you will first need to withdraw all remaining funds. Then contact our support team, who will ask you some security questions before deleting your account.

What personal data do I need to submit to use AAZZUR account?

The information we need to get you started includes your name, phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, nationality, address, and identity documents. Among other things, we use your personal data to verify your identity, protect you against fraud, and provide you with AAZZUR services. You can find out more information about this in our Privacy Policy.

How can I find out what data AAZZUR holds about me?

If you would like to obtain information about the personal data we hold on you as part of providing AAZZUR services, simply ask our support team via email.

How can I connect or disconnect my smartphone to my account?

You will need an Android smartphone (4.1 or newer) to use your AAZZUR account. Only one device can be connected to an AAZZUR account.

You’ll need to connect and/or disconnect your smartphone when you first create an account, or if you get a new phone number or device.

To connect your smartphone to your account, simply open the app on your smartphone. You will be asked to confirm your mobile phone number. Enter the code we send you via SMS and your phone is connected.

If you want to connect a new device, you must disconnect your old device for security reasons. You can do this in the AAZZUR mobile app, by going to Settings/App Settings and selecting Pair smartphone. If you no longer have access to your smartphone, you’ll receive an email from us with further instructions.


How can I change my Transaction PIN?

You can change your Transaction PIN at any time in the app. Go to Settings, select App Settings, then select Security and select Change PIN. Enter your AAZZUR password and create and confirm your new Transaction PIN.

Why can’t I see other AAZZUR users on AAZZUR friend list?

To carry out real-time transactions such as AAZZUR Transfer, AAZZUR checks your smartphone’s contact list and finds other AAZZUR users based on saved phone number or emails. You’ll know someone has been recognised as an AAZZUR user if their name appears on the AAZZUR Friends list.

If you don’t see your friend’s name on AAZZUR’s Friends list, but you know that they’re an AAZZUR user, please contact us at contact@aazzur.com

How can I find my IBAN?

You can find your IBAN and BIC number in the Account section of the app.

You can easily share your information by using the Share button.

How long do transfers take?

All SEPA transfers are completed within one banking day. However, due to the opening time of the participating banks, one banking day may stretch to two working days.

With AAZZUR Transfer, you can transfer money to other AAZZUR customers instantly. You can also move money between your own accounts instantly.

We’ll ask you to confirm each type of payment with your Transaction PIN in the app before we send anything out.

How can I top up my account?

You can top up your account via SEPA transfer.

To make a transfer, it must be in euro and within SEPA. You’ll just need to provide your IBAN and BIC. You should also know that for the transfer details, make sure the recipient’s name is your name as it’s written on their account.

Do you support Google Pay?

No, unfortunately we don’t support Google Pay.


Where can I use my Virtual card?

Your Virtual card can be used just for online purchases.

How do I activate my Virtual card?

Your virtual card comes paused. To activate it simply tap Resume card in Card settings

How can I pause my Virtual card?

You can pause and resume your cards at any time in the app. Go to Settings and select Card settings. There you can decide if you want to temporarily pause your Virtual card.

This way, you have full control of your card and can protect yourself against unauthorised transactions. You should immediately pause your card if anything looks suspicious. You can always unpause it later.


What fees do you charge?

We don't charge any fees for using AAZZUR day-to-day. Payments made in euro are all free, with no added fees.

How much does an AAZZUR account cost?

An AAZZUR account is free.


How can I give feedback or suggest a new products?

To inform us of any problems with the app you should use the Feedback Bubble. You can also send us any suggestions, ideas and thoughts about our product and services using this service.

For individual questions or suggestions, you can send us your feedback to contact@aazzur.com. We’re always grateful if you can take a minute or two to help us get even better.

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