We Build

  • Neo-banking for start-ups
  • Embedded finance integrations for cooperates
  • Front-end extensions and BaaS interfaces for banks

Our Ecosystem

  • BaaS providers
  • API based fintech service providers
  • Accounts, cards, FX, wealth, loans, insurances

Our Technology

  • Cloud based middleware
  • Front-end as a service
  • Tools enriching our ecosystem

We Believe In

  • Customers come first
  • Sustainable concepts
  • Personalisation

We envision a world where better financial wellbeing is effortless

AAZZUR’s platform enables seamless creation and integration of financial services that benefit individuals and broader society.

Our Vision

In the near future, bank data will be used to make financial products smarter. The breath of scope, integration and interoperability will provide for a virtually limitless financially connected digital world.

Our mission

Empowering consumers to become better informed and richer, in every segment of life and society, through better financial services.

Our Journey

As founders, Philipp, Martin and Richard have built challenger banks, banking as a service-platforms, fintech strategies for major brands, transfer and credit services, as well as participated in multiple successful exits. AAZZUR extracts the technology, the strategy, the know-how and, most importantly, the desire, to modernise financial services; empowering consumers to make better informed financial decisions, via any channel, every day. This all-encompassing suite of technology and expertise is now being made available to technology scale ups, challenger banks and financial services companies to accelerate consumers’ access to tools that will help to make them better informed and richer, for good.

Our Partners

AAZZUR Services GmbH & AAZZUR GmbH,
Leipziger Platz 15,
Berlin 10117, Germany

Windsor House 2nd floor,
40/41 Great Castle Street,
London W1W 8LU, UK

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