Our talented & experienced team works with you to build high quality solutions.

Our hands-on approach is backed up by founder experience, technical expertise and creativity so that we can deliver what you need - fast.

Philipp Buschmann


Tech entrepreneur with extensive experience of working in financial services/IT, fintech and challenger banking across the world.

Philipp started as a coder, became a strategy consultant and then tried his hand at entrepreneurship. His first venture went public.

He’s got an MBA from the London Business School, loves being part of the start-up world and is a proud Techstars alumnus.

Martin Damaske


Management consultant and banking entrepreneur with platform experience, previously awarded a trading bank licence.

Martin is a founding member and shareholder of Germany’s leading loan brokerage platform, Hypoport, and built up a team of 50 in the securitisation industry.

Having started in physics before moving in the financial services industry, he thrives on the problem-solving process: nothing is more exciting than developing a solution from idea to a successful company.

Laura Kerturke


Passionate about product design and strategy with experience in banking, financial services and real estate.

Laura has worked in several companies in the financial industry, where she led digital product development and drove agile projects.

She is strong believer in customer-centric and easy-to-use products and prides herself on being very hands-on throughout the whole development process.

Matt Ball


Matt is a drummer and guitarist. In 2001 he was required to get a job to fund his music habit, and found himself working in B2B Software and SaaS.

20 years later Matt has, against all the odds, become a specialist in go to market, channel development and business development methodologies and execution.

He is passionate about the creation of ecosystems and networks that deliver mutual benefit and new business.

Richard Unger


Long-serving IT professional with experience in the fintech and banking, government and telecoms sectors.

Richard has worked on online billing and ID management project at major telecoms providers, and has also advised several European banks on J2EE development.

He is the master of ensuring a delivery of a successful project, even in areas where others have failed.

Moises Osio

Lead Product Designer (UX/UI)

“In the design team, we are creating an environment of constant research, analysis, creativity and cross-functional collaboration.”

Handenur Yildirim

Junior Designer (UI)

“As a designer at AAZZUR, I enjoy being part of a supportive team and learning every day as we bring our client's business objectives to life.”

Tahir Naquash

Software Developer

“The best part of working at AAZZUR is that I get the chance to work in the Fintech domain, improving both my technical and domain knowledge.”

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