Leverage the Advantages of the modern API-Banking-World

The banking sector is changing as all products become accessible through APIs. This enables cost-effective development of personalized banking services, and non-financial companies can seamlessly integrate financial services for a smooth customer experience. If you're considering launching a new offering or featuring existing financial products on the Embedded Finance marketplace, AAZZUR has you covered.

Become an API-Provider with you existing Products

Banks can boost reach and revenue by offering products via APIs, meeting technical and regulatory requirements for secure access. API-based services expand customer base, increase revenue, and enhance the customer experience, ensuring competitiveness in the digital landscape.


Tighten customer

Become an innovation leader

Multiply revenue opportunities

Interact digitally with your Asset Management Customers

Traditional asset managers often engage in face-to-face discussions, especially with older clients. However, the landscape is evolving. Younger customers prefer remote communication at their convenience. To adapt, asset managers can benefit from a white-labeled app. This app allows customers to view their portfolio, its performance, and communicate instantly with their asset manager or private banker. Notes and actions can be seamlessly written and approved within the app for a more efficient experience.

Enhance user experience

Engage with the Digital Generation


Compliance and security built in

Offer a broader Investment Universe in your Wealth Management

Provide Wealth Management Solutions to individuals, particularly those less familiar with financial management. Offer account options or use account aggregation for a thorough understanding of the client's financial status. This information enables personalized financial advice through integrated advisory services. Adding a concierge service improves user experience and enhances engagement. The solution tailors financial guidance by offering accounts and using account aggregation to understand the client's financial situation.

Increase customer acquisition

Cross-sell and upsell

Increase engagement

Enhance user experience

Bank-Assurance how it should be ...

Successful Bank-Assurance combines banking and insurance advice by leveraging technology to analyze data. This helps identify opportunities for offering sensible insurance products, such as mobile phone insurance or life insurance during key life events. Effective communication and organization are crucial, benefiting customers, insurance providers, and banks.

Offer a superior service

Strengthen your brand

Multiply revenue opportunities

Reduce churn

Data Analysis and Trigger Detection to offer Solutions at the Point-of-Need

Use transaction data to offer customers financial services precisely when they need them in their life journey. Our platform enables you to set triggers for specific events, like address changes, marriage, salary raises, or travel bookings, prompting relevant product offers such as home insurance, retirement funds, or travel insurance. This allows customers to make timely purchases, eliminating the need for organizing finances independently. It also enhances the customer's perception, providing relevant advice instead of random banners.

Collect actionable insights

Increase brand loyalty

Cross-sell and upsell

Unlock unused revenue potential

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Startup / Venture

Choose our ready-to-use Smart-Finance-Blocks or use our APIs to quickly launch your MVP. This allows you to save time and money compared to building from the ground up or hiring an IT consultant.

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Enhance engagement, reduce churn, and boost revenue by integrating loan options, streamlining processes, and upgrading customer cards with payment capabilities using our financial services expertise.

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