How it works

Our middleware layer helps you offer dedicated financial experiences to your customers. You can either use the APIs of our middleware directly (see developer portal), embed our Smart Finance Blocks into your existing user interfaces or configure stand-alone Apps or web frontends with them.

Our platform is designed to help you create the perfect solution, whether it's standard banking or specialized financial tools.

Choose your features

You define your MVP and decide which Smart Finance Blocks (SFBs) you need.

Select from our partners

Choose the partner who shall provide your features: e.g. cards and accounts, loans, insurances …

Bring your design and UX to life

Configure your user journey and bring your design to life. You can also ask an integration partner use our developer APIs.

Launch your MVP and expand

We integrate with your systems, run it and continuously expand our SFBs and partner network.

We build or embed dedicated financial apps and features for your customers

You know your customers best. Offer them effortless and impactful financial experiences, at a far lower cost than implementing from scratch yourself.

Pick your favourite fintech providers to create your financial solution

Select your favourite fintech providers and simply plug-and-play to create your bespoke financial solution, in record time.

We configure your app with your unique branding

Our Smart-Finance-Blocks can effortlessly be configured to fit your branding needs and reflext your UX thanks to our white-labeled solution.

Launch, get feedback, optimise and expand

Once your MVP is ready we launch and run it on our SaaS platform or on-premise. We expect your MVP not to be perfect ... so we iterate and add more features and services to reach your goals regarding engagement with your customers, reducing churn and drive your revenue.

Become your own embedded finance company!

Create your own ecosystem of financial services. Let us enable you to be offer your embedded financial services via our platform.

How to engage?


AAZZUR configures and white-labels its continuously growing set of Smart-Finance-Blocks and partner network for fastest go-to-market.

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Use one of our professional implementation partners to deploy your custom solution by still leveraging the benefits of the AAZZUR ecosystem.

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Equip your inhouse tech team with the APIs of our developer portal and extensive suite of integrated financial services and maintain full control.

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With AAZZUR, you can...

Build your own Financial Service Proposition

AAZZUR has the expertise to guide you to launch your own branded fintech solution. Our technical and design workshops help you create solutions that meet your specific requirements, all in record time.

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Embed value-added Financial Services

Integrate our Smart Finance Blocks into your existing product offerings to provide your customers with a range of financial services, including insurance and lending, exactly when they need them.

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Empower Fintech

Connect to our platform featuring AAZZUR's cutting-edge library of APIs. Our platform enables effective fintech orchestration, so clients can easily manage the features they want, exactly how they want them.

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