12 Jun 2018

AAZZUR a rising star at Money20/20 Europe

AAAZZUR was one of the top European fintech start-ups selected to attend this year’s Money20/20 Europe, where openness in banking was a key theme.

The Berlin-based company was highlighted as one of Europe’s rising fintech stars, praised for its promise and innovation.

Money20/20 is Europe’s premier fintech event and is attended by industry leaders to predict and form future trends in financial services. Key themes this year included open banking, how digital technologies are transforming customer expectations and increasingly seamless and invisible payments.

In his keynote address, ING CEO Ralph Hamers said that the secret to building a successful platform was being open to consumers, producers and services that are “beyond banking”. His message was one close to AAZZUR’s heart.

“The importance of openness in banking is something we have been discussing for a long time,” said AAZZUR CEO Philipp Buschmann. “It is what is driving us to build a banking ecosystem that lets customers aggregate their accounts and access augmented financial services.”

AAZZUR will also work with external parties to offer an open retail banking ecosystem that unlocks the full potential of the fintech industry. Its innovative product is currently in alpha, with a soft launch planned for early 2019, but AAZZUR is already leading the way on open banking.

“We met a lot of people at Money20/20 who were interested in finding out more about our vision for the future,” said Philipp.

Philipp and CFO Martin Damaske attended this year’s Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam on June 4.

For more information on Money20/20 Europe, go to europe.money2020.com

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