18 Mar 2018

AAZZUR CEO tells of year in fintech at MoneyLIVE

AAZZUR CEO Philipp Buschmann has talked about his year in fintech at this year’s MoneyLIVE 2018 in Amsterdam.

This year has been a busy one for AAZZUR, a fintech start-up looking to become the last mile for all your financial needs.

Philipp spoke about the challenges he has faced during a fireside chat with Beer Zandt, head of business development at Spotcap, during the Fintech Focus session.

AAZZUR started just six months ago, with Philipp and CFO Martin Damaske, alongside CTO Richard Unger, setting up a team that lived, worked and socialised together in a house in the Vienna Woods.

Since that time, they have built a company, concept and product from scratch with the ultimate target of building for its customers one bank account, for life.

Using artificial intelligence and the bank as a platform, AAZZUR will offer a service that simply does what the customer wants it to, rather than just try to sell them another product.

“MoneyLIVE was a great opportunity to not only talk about our vision for the future, but also to reflect on all the hard work we’ve done over the past year,” said Philipp.

“We’ve had very positive feedback and are confident that what we’re building is a banking platform for the future.”

Philipp attended this year’s MoneyLIVE at the Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam on March 12-14.

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