12 Mar 2018

AAZZUR for all your banking needs: CEO tells Finovate

AAZZUR will be the last mile for all your banking needs, CEO Philipp Buschmann told the crowd at this year’s Finovate Europe.

“People no longer know what their banks do and don’t really know what they’re charged,” he said during the panel discussion How Challenger Banks Are Changing The Game.

“The relationship [between the bank and the customer] has broken down to the point that we often only care about price. And even if the price is higher, people don’t necessarily switch.”

Fintech start-up AAZZUR is building a next-level financial service that reimagines what a bank can, and should, do.

Using artificial intelligence and the bank as a platform, it will offer a service that asks the customer what he or she wants to do, and helps them do it, rather than just sell them another product.

 “We believe that the end goal is that you want to have one relationship with one institution that does all your banking stuff,” said Philipp.

Philipp spoke at London ExCel alongside Anne Boden, CEO of Starling Bank; Devie Mohan, CEO and co-founder of Burnmark; and Nick Ogden, founder and chairman of ClearBank.

He said the discussion showed there was a lot of opportunity in the challenger bank space.

More than 70 companies and 120 expert speakers attended this year’s Finovate Europe at London ExCel from March 6-9.

To find out more about how AAZZUR is building one bank account for life, please visit www.aazzur.com

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