18 Dec 2017

AAZZUR holds Demo Day with Penta

AAZZUR has held its first Demo Day, holding a joint workshop with fellow fintech start-up Penta in Berlin.

The event was held at Penta’s offices and was attended by members of both teams and some external parties.

AAZZUR will offer a service that asks you, the customer, what you want to do and then helps you achieve it. It is a concept we call motivational banking.

We will support you in your financial life by using artificial intelligence and a prediction engine to make banking more intuitive.

Meanwhile Penta is digital bank for small businesses, which also aims to redefine banking through technology.

The Demo Day was a chance for both AAZZUR and Penta to present their business ideas and app designs, discuss future plans and opportunities, and gain valuable feedback.

CEO Philipp Buschmann said: “AAZZUR and Penta both developed from the same idea – to help solve people’s financial problems, be it as an individual or as a business.

Berlin-based AAZZUR was founded by Philipp and CFO Martin Damaske.

Philipp is a serial entrepreneur, specialising in financial services and resources. He has a particularly strong interest in behavioural economics, which helped inspire AAZZUR’s innovative relationship with the customer.

Meanwhile Martin started in physics before going on to setting up financial services companies. His extensive experience includes being a founding shareholder of Germany’s market leading loan brokerage platform and receiving a licence for a trading bank.

For more info on AAZZUR, please email us at contact@aazzur.com

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