26 Aug 2019

AAZZUR named a top 100 start-up for Money2020 USA

Just 100 fintech start-ups were selected to have a stand in Startup City when Money20/20 takes over legendary Vegas venue The Venetian. 

Here the AAZZUR team, led by CEO Philipp Buschmann, will get the opportunity to showcase their innovative mobile bank account and marketplace to some of the biggest names in the financial services industry. 

For the first year, Money20/20 USA is also offering an Entrepreneurship and Investing track to offer insights on raising capital, attracting VC interest, innovating your product and scaling your business. 

“We are delighted to make the cut for this year’s Money20/20 USA,” said Philipp. “This will give us the chance to show our hand to the US market, having already played the game in Europe.” 

AAZZUR’s ground-breaking financial platform acts as a layer between banks and fintech companies, enabling the exchange of data, messages and transactions, meaning they can dramatically reduce the time and cost it takes to build their product. 

Meanwhile customers benefit from being directly connected to a range of financial services, giving greater choice and enabling them to access all their accounts from one place and on-the-go. 

To find out more about this year’s Money20/20 USA, being held between October 27-30, go the Money20/20 website

For more information on how AAZZUR is revolutionising banking and the financial services industry, head to the AAZZUR homepage

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