18 May 2020

AAZZUR selected for Plug and Play Fintech Europe accelerator

AAZZUR has been selected for Batch 5 of the Plug and Play Fintech Europe accelerator programme.

Berlin-based AAZZUR’s innovative platform enables banks to connect with online, third-party insurance and insurtech providers, in order to enable bancassurance in the digital age.

This, in turn, means banks, financial services providers and real-economy companies alike can offer their clients insurance services, while simultaneously improving their customer experience.

AAZZUR is also placing a particular emphasis on connecting services that promote sustainability, such as carbon emission offsets and green investments.

The company will now be joining global innovation platform Plug and Play 12-week accelerator programme aimed at connecting early or growth-stage start-ups with some of the world’s biggest financial institutions.

The twice-yearly initiative particularly focuses on supporting the launch of pilots, proof of concepts and business development opportunities.

By being selected for the Plug and Play programme, AAZZUR has been highlighted as a company changing the landscape of the financial services industry.

This is particularly relevant given the impact on the industry from the current coronavirus outbreak – meaning fintech solutions could become increasingly vital for traditional financial service providers.

“The AAZZUR team is extremely happy to be selected to participate in the Plug and Play Fintech Europe programme, as it will give us a chance to meet all the right innovation decision makers of banks and other major industry players,” says CEO Philipp Buschmann.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to get further confirmation that we are on the right track with our innovative platform.”

Since launching in 2015, Plug and Play Fintech has accelerated more than 200 fintech start-ups and invested in over 50. Over the period, the Silicon Valley-based company has expanded its offices to major cities including New York City, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Frankfurt, China, Singapore and Tokyo.

The Frankfurt-based programme’s partner base comprises Deutsche Bank, TechQuartier, BNP Paribas, Nets Group, Nexi, UniCerdit, Aareal Bank, Abanca, Danske Bank, DZ bank, Elo, UBI Banca and Raiffeisen Bank International.

To find out more about how AAZZUR is revolutionising bancassurance, please visit the AAZZUR website. To learn how Plug and Play is driving fintech innovation, go to Plug and Play Tech Center.

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