AAZZUR Sits Down with AI-powered Regtech Fourthline for Fireside Chat Ahead of Partnership Project

04 DEC 2023

Innovative embedded finance integrator AAZZUR has partnered with Fourthline, one of the fastest growing providers of digital identity technology and KYC solutions, to improve its open banking offers and accelerate speed to market for its clients.

Ahead of launching the partnership project, AAZZUR’s CEO Philipp Buschmann will be visiting Fourthline’s CEO, Krik Gunning to discuss the how the project will work at optimising the user experience.

The partnership will see Fourthline‘s bank-grade end-to-end KYC and AML compliance solutions integrated into AAZZUR’s vast embedded finance ecosystem. This integration will enable AAZZUR to broaden its open banking offerings even further while providing its clients with expert fraud prevention at industry-leading accuracy, conversion, and compliance levels.

As a leading authentication platform provider, Fourthline offers AAZZUR a unique opportunity to accelerate the onboarding of key capabilities for its clients, enabling AAZZUR to deliver even broader and more flexible solutions faster than ever before. This will allow AAZZUR’s clients to benefit from Fourthline’s superior AI driven platform, assuring compliance with regulatory requirements and security standards while providing a fully digital customer experience and a fast, intuitive process.

Philipp Buschmann, CEO of AAZZUR, commented: “We’re thrilled to partner with Fourthline and bring their superior identity verification and compliance process into our smart finance ecosystem. This partnership will enable us to provide our clients with more comprehensive and continuous KYC fraud prevention and empower them with better onboarding flow and risk management capabilities.”

Krik Gunning, CEO of Fourthline, added: “We are excited to start a partnership with AAZZUR and integrate our solutions into their embedded finance ecosystem. This collaboration will allow AAZZUR to deliver even broader and more flexible solutions to their clients, while ensuring bankgrade levels of fraud prevention and compliance. We look forward to helping AAZZUR accelerate their growth and provide a fully digital and intuitive customer experience.”

You can watch the video here