12 Jun 2019

AAZZUR's fundraising round goes live on Angels Den crowdfunding site

AAZZUR is now live on the UK crowdfunding site Angels Den. 

The company is soft launching an inclusive and international mobile-based current account complete with financial services marketplace.

AAZZUR is now looking to raise up through online investment platform Angels Den Funding, which connects start-ups with suitable investors. Interested investors can visit the AAZZUR page on the Angels Den website.

Investment in AAZZUR is eligible for UK Government-backed venture capital initiatives Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), which offer qualified investors generous tax breaks in the UK.

The company has also previously been approved, and is in the reapproval process, for the German Government-supported BAFA INVEST database, that offers qualified investors a 20% cash return on their original investment as an incentive to invest in start-ups.

AAZZUR CEO Martin Damaske said: “This is a great opportunity for angel investors to invest in a dynamic start-up that uses open banking to revolutionize how people manage their finances – both to the benefit of the consumer and the provider.”

The company’s platform acts as a layer above existing banking and fintech solutions to facilitate transactions, messages and exchange of data.

This will benefit customers by giving them access to a wide range of banking, insurance, and other financial services through just one interface and enabling them to manage all their finances in one place.

Meanwhile, both banks and fintech companies will be able to get their solutions to market faster by using AAZZUR’s APIs, thereby significantly reducing development time and costs.

Angels Den prides itself on funding exciting early-stage companies that will still be in business in a decade’s time. Some 92% of the start-ups it has helped fund since 2013 are still running and almost 20,000 investors have joined the platform. To find out more, go to the Angels Den website.

To find out more about company, our team and how we are revolutionising banking at the AAZZUR website.


Disclaimer: AAZZUR is a technology company and is not a bank and AAZZUR is not directly offering financial services. AAZZUR offers services by FCA UK-regulated institute, PayrNet Ltd.

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