29 May 2019

AAZZUR’s inclusive mobile banking account ready for soft launch

AAZZUR is soft launching its inclusive and international mobile-based current account, complete with financial services marketplace.

After completing alpha testing, the Berlin-based fintech company is inviting select users to sign-up to its beta tester programme to help the company develop the next phase of its product. 

AAZZUR is building a financial platform for the future, which aims to make managing your personal finances easier and connect customers to a range of innovative fintech solutions through our integrated marketplace.

We will use feedback from beta testing to understand what to prioritise as we build out our product further.

Beta testers will get exclusive benefits including a free premium account. There will also be a cash-based referral programme as an incentive.

Invited beta testers can sign up to help us build the inclusive international account of the future at getaazzur.com.

CEO Philipp Buschmann said: “AAZZUR is very excited to be entering this next stage of our company. We’re now looking for beta testers to help us create a smarter way to managing your, and your family’s, personal finances.”

CTO Richard Unger said: “Our team of developers has worked incredibly hard to build our innovative finance platform in record time.

“Now we’re looking for people to test our product, give their feedback and help us build an inclusive banking offering for the future.”

AAZZUR aims to provide a one-stop shop for all your banking needs. We will connect customers to a range of personal finance products through a simple and customisable interface.

Find out more about our team and how we are revolutionising banking at the AAZZUR website.


Disclaimer: AAZZUR is a technology company and is not a bank and AAZZUR is not directly offering financial services. AAZZUR offers services by a FCA UK regulated institute, PayrNet Ltd.

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