Interview with B4X Co-Founders Mowgli Frere & Christophe Tardivat

10 OCT 2022

Our New Customer Interview with B4X Operations Limited is here. Meet co-founders Mowgli Frere & Christophe Tardivat.

See how B4X is offering something new: A Neo-bank offering painless, transparent banking services for expatriate citizens, with excellent customer service, where every client is a VIP and their accounts are welcomed!

Mowgli: “Something that defines us is we really don’t think in terms of countries we think about people regardless of whether they are in the UK, Germany or France. Our clients are borderless and our service will be perfectly seamless regardless of country.”

About AAZZUR, “AAZZUR has a very high standard of methods and approaches. They translate and transcribe the needs of existing technology tools which is reassuring and very easy then for clients to pick up and get going with it."

Christophe: AAZZUR - great company, great people.

View the full interview via this LINK.

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