11 Nov 2022

Philipp Buschmann: "Startup founders must choose love, not fear"

Our CEO and co-founder Philipp Buschmann have answered Techblast's questions on organizational culture in startup companies.

The world of startups is cutthroat, with founders looking to wring every ounce of productivity out of their growing workforce.

Under-pressure CEOs mindful of investment runway could be forgiven for focusing on results at the expense of everything else. However, to do so could prove a mistake in the long-term.

“If you don’t watch how the culture is embedding, you will wake up one day and won’t enjoy your company,” Philipp Buschmann, co-founder and CEO of AAZZUR, tells TechBlast. “You will find yourself leading a company that doesn’t resonate with who you are, or what you wanted it to be.”

He warns: “Once the culture of a business is established, it is hard to change: you’ll need to change the leader if you want to change the culture."

“Leadership comes from the top. The startup landscape is cutthroat, and you have to choose between fear and love."

“My job is to articulate who we are and where we go and then give the team the freedom to go there in their own way. That’s very important in any leadership role.”

Link to the original interview https://techblast.co.uk/news/startup-founders-must-choose-love-not-fear/

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