Tech meets Politics: AAZZUR CEO invited to speak at the Parliamentary Society

28 FEB 2022

AAZZUR’s co-founders, Philipp Buschmann, had the privilege to be invited to the ‘Tech Meets Politics’ event at the Parliamentary Society

On 15th February, one of AAZZUR’s co-founders, Philipp Buschmann, had the privilege to be invited to the ‘Tech Meets Politics’ event at the Parliamentary Society in Berlin, Germany, organised by Kekst CNC. The event was introduced by Ms. Tabea Rößner, Chair of the Digital Committee of the German Bundestag and was followed by an open exchange with attending politicians, moderated by Udo van Kampen.

Tech Meets Politics was planned to show the importance of open and ongoing dialogue between young companies and politicians and as a result, a number of German MPs were present: Thomas Jarzombek, CDU; Maximilian Funke-Kaiser, FDP; Michael Link, FDP; and of course, Tabea Rößner, Die Grünen. All of the entrepreneurs invited were asked to share their views on the future of business and how government policy and legislation can implement and shape new businesses.

Phillipp Buschmann co-founder and CEO of AAZZUR, comments:

“It was an honour to be invited and presented alongside the other brilliant entrepreneurs and disrupters in the tech space. I was happy to put my ideas across about the need for more funding options for start-ups and new businesses in these emerging sectors. Sometimes it is difficult for start-ups to succeed, even when they have a brilliant business idea. I want to work towards a future where every bright idea has a chance.”

Just some of the delegates invited to attend included Heike Freund, COO, Marvel Fusion, a start-up conducting research on fusion energy to develop safe and sustainable nuclear energy using innovations in laser and nanotechnology; Nicolas Hantzsch, Founder & Managing Director of Patient21, a digital platform that enables patients to book medical appointments online; Sven Przywarra, Co-Founder of LiveEO, a company that analyzes satellite and drone data fully automatically and monitors infrastructure networks globally; Daniel Metzler, Founder of Isar Aerospace, a German aerospace company based in Munich; Silvan Rath, CEO of Twinner, a company that has set itself the goal of digitizing the automotive sector; Benjamin Noyan, Founder & CEO of Forwardize, a young Berlin-based start-up specializing in digital solutions in the logistics sector placing a special focus on sustainability; and Markus Pflitsch, Founder & CEO of Terra Quantum, a deep-tech pioneer developing revolutionary quantum applications.

Phillipp Buschmann co-founder and CEO of AAZZUR, concludes:

“Opportunities like this are brilliant for networking and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the MPs at the event and also my fellow tech entrepreneurs. It is so important to learn about other sectors and help champion other people’s successes and breakthroughs. Tech is a relatively young industry and I believe we will see so much more innovation over the coming years. Governments like the one in Germany who are looking to listen to these changemakers are so important."

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