We have built a broad partner ecosystem which enables us to offer a variety of services effortlessly via our Smart Finance Blocks


Fourthline offers bank grade KYC onboarding and compliance lifecycle solutions so that financial service providers can be KYC, AML and GDPR  compliant in Europe today, tomorrow and always.


Swan is France-based embedded finance platform. Swan's simple APIs enable European companies to integrate banking services (accounts, cards, and payments) quickly and easily into their own product. Monthly, Swan processes over 200 million euros of transactions for 50+ companies across eight European countries.


Sikoia is a category-defining Unified Data Platform (UDP) and orchestration layer that enriches and aggregates customer data from disparate sources and systems to automate compliance and risk processes, such as customer onboarding and verification, or portfolio monitoring. Sikoia Portal provides a fully-enriched, 360° view of the customer, and powers operational efficiencies, delivering faster decisions and powering best-in-class customer experiences.


Solaris is European banking-as-a-service and core banking platform enabling businesses to build new financial solutions or embedded existing solutions into their existing products. Through smart APIs, clients can embed financial services quickly and compliantly into their own product offerings.


Railsr is a UK-based embedded finance platform. It operates throughout the UK and Europe, APAC and the US. Railsr offer a range of embedded finance services, from Banking to Credit and Rewards. Together, Railsr and AAZZUR have already delivered joint solutions to several clients.


Treezor is a European banking-as-a-service company having Payment Institution (PI) and Electronic Money Institution (EMI), approved by the French regulator ACPR, authorised in 25 countries, as well as a Principal Member of the international card schemes. The company enables fintechs and large companies to manage their innovative payment initiatives from acquiring to issuing and supports value-added services such as credit (BNPL), insurance, etc.


Additiv is a Swiss embedded wealth platform. Additiv’s embedded finance operating system, DFS®, is an orchestration layer enabling financial institutions to access new distribution channels through a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model. It also allows banking and non-banking providers to embed wealth services into their propositions.


Portagon is a SaaS platform enabling financial intermediaries and businesses to raise capital online. Portagon provides the infrastructure for digital transactions and creates the ecosystem for the private capital market. Their software solution, "portagon go", activates and monetises networks to provide a flexible component for digital financing.

Channel Capital

Channel Capital is an alternative asset manager, delivers better financial results for its partners and their B2B clients with non-dilutive capital. Over 15 years, its asset management unit has managed over $20 billion of credit assets including loans, working capital facilities, and securities, as an FCA-authorised and regulated asset manager and is increasingly focused on funding-as-a-service and embedded finance.


Bsurance is an insurtech company that brings together B2C companies and insurance risk carriers in a bid to build a new distribution model of embedded insurance at point of sale. Bsurance digitalises the entire insurance process – from distribution to claims management.  


Wise is a global financial technology company offering international remittance and currency transfer services. Wise enables the easy transfer of money between countries. Moreover, the company develops additional financial offerings, such as current accounts coupled with virtual and physical cards.

W2 Global

Global compliance provider, W2 provides KYC, anti-money laundering, KYB and ID verification. Regarding ID verification, the company can provide the right solution on a domestic and international scale, for both point of acceptance and ongoing monitoring. It offers the most customer-focused compliance solution available, allowing active management of risk. 


Nordigen is a freemium open banking data platform. Nordigen helps companies connect to bank accounts and get raw transaction data free of charge. Acting as infrastructure partner for AAZZUR, it enables AAZZUR to connect to 2000+ banks in Europe.


Sincura offers luxury concierge, lifestyle, tickets and events for private and corporate clients across UK and worldwide. As a result of this partnership, AAZZUR is able to embed these value-added services into its clients’ products. We already have a client who went online using Sincura.


The largest independent barcode-based cash infrastructure in Europe. It allows withdrawals and deposits of cash at the supermarket checkout via a barcode. In the DACH region it is known as “Barzahlen” and already the biggest infrastructure of its kind with more than 20.000 point of acceptances. By using viacash, you have the possibility to deposit and withdraw money from your bank account without any minimum purchase.

Finleap Connect

Finleap Connect is an open Banking platform that provides AAZZUR with harmonised financial information, the associated data analytics and different payment functionalities that create more engaging and personalised financial experience to AAZZUR’s customers.

Salt Edge

Salt Edge is a well-known PSD2 compliant open banking data services provider. Salt Edge's open banking API solutions enable access to 5000 banks globally, empowering businesses create smart services based on data aggregation.


MeaWallet is a Certified vendor of Mastercard, Visa and American Express, providing Single integration point for all major card schemes. We work with them to provide secure and compliant card services to our clients.


Sumsub is the one verification platform that secures the whole user journey. Orchestrate the verification process, welcome more users worldwide, and stop digital fraud with customizable KYC, KYB, transaction monitoring and fraud prevention solutions. 

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Thomas Rettenwander

Business Development Manager at Bsurance

“Based in Berlin and ready to transform the international banking industry with their open banking platform, AAZZUR connects banks and fintech to deliver a seamless financial consumer experience. We look forward to contributing with innovative and relevant insurance products embedded in the AAZZUR ecosystem.”

Michael Stemmle

CEO at Additiv

"As an established embedded finance orchestrator, partnering with
AAZZUR is the obvious choice. Through this collaboration, our platform is enabling a new digital bank to offer compliant end-to-end wealth management services in the most efficient way."

Germain Bahri

Head of Strategic Partnerships at Solaris

“We are combining AAZZUR’s best in class frontend technology with the Solaris BaaS platform – enabling anyone to embed financial products instantly and at the point of need, in a beautiful and simple interface.”

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