Smart Finance Blocks

Discover our diverse, customisable, and white-label components that enable you to launch 4 x faster, with up to 10 x lower cost and reduced delivery risk.

AAZZUR is revolutionising the delivery of financial services

Our innovative out-the-box platform comprises over 70 unique Smart Finance Blocks (SFBs). Each SFB features a valuable financial service offered by one of the world’s leading fintechs and includes a pre-configured set of front-end-screens and requires no coding.

All SFBs can be mixed and matched to your needs, are completely customisable and can feature your own UX design and branding. As your ambition and product list grows, we can integrate with your own chosen providers as well as any new providers that we partner with. We can even work with you to develop your own exclusive SFBs. Our modern, frictionless solution offers total flexibility.

Retail and SME Banking

Bank Accounts and Wallets

Single- or multi-currency balances and transaction information. SEPA, faster Payment (UK) and international transfers incl. FX.

Multiple and Shared Accounts

Join accounts for individuals or groups to share expenses and manage finances together. User role and right management.

Local and International Payments

Direct debit. Split the bill, to share expenses or request money from others conveniently.


Issue all Types of Cards

· Debit / Prepayed / Credit
· Physical and virtual

Mobile Payment

· Apple Pay
· Google Pay

Card management 100% mobile

Activate, pause / unpause or block cards, white- / black-list merchants and allow / block online payment or ATM withdrawls.

Wealth and Investments

Cash and Trading Accounts

Open account including KYC (if needed) and top up / withdraw funds.

Investment Opportunities

Choose from a preselected set of investment products like stocks and funds.

Portfolio and Performance

Get a portfolio overview and check performance via percentages and graphs.

Embedded Lending

Consumer Lending / BNPL

Increase your sales by offering loans / BNPL to your customers in the checkout process: streamlined process, branding, handover to lender.

Small and medium-sized enterprises Lending

Drive engagement with your SME-customers or -providers via lending: seamless integration, data capturing, pricing, credit decision, underwriting, payout, loan overview.

Matching between Customers and Lenders

Capture the demand and initial data-set, pre-scoring and -pricing, matching and initiating the underwriting process.


Need Identification and Conversion

Data analysis, event and trigger detection, UI optimisation.

Sales Process and closing

Fully digital or start digital and hand over to offline. Re-use existing data for higher conversion during closing process.

Integrated Claims Process

Seamless, efficient system for streamlined claims.

Value Added Tools

CO2 Footprint and Compensation

Track, manage and offset footprint on carbon emissions including recommendations.

Roundup and savings rules

An automated savings solution that rounds up transactions and saves the difference, helping you to easily grow your savings.

Luxury Offers and Concierge Services

Offers, promotions and digital communication with a leading concierge provider (get a F1 or concert ticket, book a restaurant).

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